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ALIENS: Colonial Marines Complete 10-Book Lot Dark Horse 1993 Vasquez HIGH GRADE

ALIENS: Colonial Marines Complete 10-Book Lot Dark Horse 1993 Vasquez HIGH GRADE

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ALIENS: Colonial Marines
Complete 10-Book Lot
Dark Horse 1993
1st printings

** NOTE: This series originally began as a 12-book series, but ended up only being 10-book series.  ERROR printing 1 of 12, 2 of 12, 3 of 12, 4 of 12, 5 of 12, 6 of 12 and 7 of 12.

1 NM 9.4
2 NM 9.4
3 NM 9.4
4 NM 9.4
5 NM 9.4
6 NM 9.4
7 NM 9.4
8 NM 9.4
9 NM 9.4
10 NM 9.4

1 Script by CHRIS WARNER. Art by TONY AKINS & PAUL GUINAN. Cover painting by ROBERT MENTOR. Meet Lt. Joseph Henry - the son of one of the most influential politicians on Earth, a proud member of the Colonial Marines, and a poor slob in a heap of trouble. Lt. Henry, after yet again being charged with insubordination, is put in command of a platoon of the absolute worst Marines in the sector and assigned the lowest detail in the corp - checking up on a toxic waste dump! What Lt. Henry and company don't know is that this mission is about to go from bad to worse, because a strangely organized batch of Aliens has taken over the waste dump!

2 Script by CHRIS WARNER. Art by TONY AKINS & PAUL GUINAN. Cover painting by ROBERT MENTOR. Private Carmen Vasquez has joined the corp and is working hard to become as tough as her legendary big sister. What Carmen and the rest of her platoon don't know is that their mission will bring them face-to-face with the terror that took her sister's life, and has haunted her dreams ever since...ALIENS! Take a gruesome tour of a derelict space station with a group of Aliens who know the meaning of Semper Fi!

3 Script by CHRIS WARNER. Art by TONY AKINS & PAUL GUINAN. Cover painting by ROBERT MENTOR. Lt. Henry and his crew of ne'er-do-wells are - to put it simply - in the soup. Stranded in a space station with a pack of bloodthirsty Aliens waiting behind every access hatch, this platoon of Colonial Marines will leave no shell unfired in their struggle to survive. And as the pulse-fire echoes through the corridors, a hideous plan of mutating humans into Aliens is uncovered, leading Lt. Henry to wonder if this is more than just a random infestation.

4 Script by KELLEY PUCKETT. Art by PAUL GUINAN, ALLEN NUNIS, ANDE PARKS & TERRY PALLOT. Cover painting by JOE PHILLIPS. After barely escaping the rail-gun station, our not-so-happy band of Marines is looking forward to a little R&R on the backwater (and we do mean water) planet Bracken's World. Guess again! The mysterious "father" from last issue has already established a foothold on the dreary little planet, and isn't about to let Lt. Henry interfere with his schemes. Get ready for aquatic action and intrigue as our hapless heroes are betrayed from within by the only person that can save them!

5 Script by KELLEY PUCKETT. Art by PAUL GUINAN & ALLEN NUNIS. Cover painting by JOE PHILLIPS. Our merry band of Marines has holed up in the only major city on Bracken's World, and as Lt. Henry attempts to rally the local colonists against the approaching Alien army, he begins to suspect Beliveau's real reason for being on this mission. After all, why would a high-powered Company man have any interest in such a remote section of the galaxy? Does Beliveau hold the secret to the bizarre Alien/human hybrid they captured at the railgun station? Could he even be responsible for these well-organized Alien attacks?

6 Script by KELLEY PUCKETT. Art by PAUL GUINAN, ALLEN NUNIS & BOB SMITH. Cover painting by JOE PHILLIPS. The showdown on Bracken's World comes to a skull-crunching climax as Marines and colonists go toe-to-toe with the forces of the maniacal Bug-Men. And Beliveau fesses up as to the identity of the enigmatic "father" of the Bug-Men!  Mondo Pest appearance

7 Script by PAUL GUINAN. Art by GUINAN & TONY AKINS. Cover painting by ROBERT MENTOR. Stranded in a remote sector of space with only a Dropship for transportation, Lt. Henry strikes an uneasy deal with Beliveau, the secretive company man who has many hidden, deadly agendas. In return for the aid of the Colonial Marines, Beliveau leads Henry to an Alphatech storage facility piled high with state-of-the-art weapons designed to "eliminate" Aliens. The hardware will indeed come in handy, but the sole occupants of the complex - outdated maintenance robots - are already using them to ward off the latest Alien incursion!

8 Script by KELLEY PUCKETT. Art by PAUL GUINAN, JOHN NADEAU & JIM McDERMOTT. Cover painting by JOE PHILLIPS. Armed with prototype weapons and a powered-up Dropship, Lt. Henry begins the final assault against the Alien menace. While he is planning his strategy, his crew is succumbing to strange withdrawal symptoms, and the ones still on their feet are plotting mutiny! Henry's only hope is to reprogram Liston, the high-powered synthetic, to follow his every command - even if it means killing a human being. The air is thick with tension, and a traitor will step out of the darkness with a gun in his hand and murder in his heart.

9 Script by DAN JOLLEY. Art by JOHN NADEAU & JORDI ENSIGN. Cover painting by JOE PHILLIPS. This is it: the endgame! Lt. Henry has tracked the "father" of the Alien forces - a rogue colonel pursuing a mad dream of cosmic purity - to a subspace communications relay, and plans an all-out assault against him! His command is weak, the Marines around him are planning mutiny at the first opportunity, and now the captive "bugman" is beginning to mutate into something that will shock the entire crew!

10 Script by DAN JOLLEY. Art by JOHN NADEAU & JORDI ENSIGN. Cover painting by JOE PHILLIPS. The pulse-pounding conclusion to this action-packed series! Face to face with the deadly leader of this system-wide Alien infestation, Lt. Henry begins a suicide mission to fulfill his mad obsession: to kill the "father" of the Aliens, no matter what the cost!

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